Recognizing the Sacred

At one point in the Christian Scriptures, Jesus asks his friends, “Who do you say that I am?”  Some interpret this question as Jesus wanting to be sure they know he is the Messiah.  Yet I doubt Jesus was seeking…

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The BIG Thank You

In graduate school my synthesis work involved Interreligous Dialogue.  This developed in me a deep respect for the world’s major religious traditions.  I appreciate the way my view expands when learning about how others comprehend the Divine.  Along the way…

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The Presence Prayer

Lord, bless this day before me;

That I may live grounded in your Presence — 



and Playful.


Knowledge, Will, and Power

Part of my wellness practice includes attending Al-Anon meetings.  Al-Anon is a support group for people with a loved one who suffers from alcoholism.  Members of Al-Anon practice the same 12 Steps that folks in Alcoholics Anonymous use.  These steps…

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Room for Love

Sometimes love requires healthy space and clear boundaries.  I heard a few quotations recently that capture this truth.  I’m not sure who first said them but they go something like this:  

“A boundary is the distance from which I can…

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Not Another Log

There is a wise saying that goes, “If you want the fire to go out, don’t put another log on it.”  This is great advice when you find yourself in an unproductive argument with someone.  Our egos are easily triggered…

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We Are Beloved

I had a philosophy teacher who made a compelling argument that every artist leaves its imprint, in some way, on the art they have created.  Thus, every piece of art teaches us something about the artist.  If God is the…

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Grow Love

Let’s start with this: God is Love.

If we are to be God’s face,

Then we are to reflect Love.

If we are to be God’s hands and feet,

Then we are to be Love in action.

If we are…

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Also the Beginnings

I tend to be a sentimental person, inclined to feel a sting of loss with every significant change.  For example, on the last day of grade school I recall looking around the classroom, aware that this was the last time…

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While listening to a talk by a counselor recently, I heard the term “over-functioning.”  Though not found in the dictionary, over-functioning names a feature of co-dependent relationships.  It means doing another’s work for them.  This behavior can show up in…

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A Higher Standard

Often the need for healthy boundaries arises out of unhealthy relationships.  While an all or nothing approach may be appealing (i.e. leave the unhealthy behind), the reality is that people are complex.  We may love someone who has a lot…

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Vow of Poverty

The Clutter Clearing program I lead has come to a close for the season.  This has me reflecting upon the many insights shared.  One thing we discussed is the beauty of the vow of poverty that religious people take.  As…

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