Time to Review

Long ago I started a tradition of naming birthday goals when I turned another year wiser. This time, in addition to anticipating the year to come, I’ve decided to reflect upon the past 365 days I've lived and acknowledge some things learned, remembered, or simply enjoyed. Here’s what I’ve got… 

  • Even though it’s a pain to quarantine when you have Covid symptoms or have been exposed, it’s an act of love that values others’ well-being more than one’s social calendar. 
  • You can almost always reclaim an interaction or special occasion with a sincere and earnest “do-over." 
  • No matter how aware you are that every human will die… no matter how many times you lose a loved one… no matter how clear the writing is on the wall that death is imminent… it still remains a shock to hear someone you care about has passed. 
  • It’s good for children to try new things, and perhaps even more-so for adults. 
  • There’s a fine line between keeping a full, productive schedule and escaping unwanted realities. 
  • Empowerment can be as simple as making a phone call. 
  • A good counselor or mentor is a light-worker in the very real way of shining a light on what needs to be seen. 
  • Overt racism is like a loud explosion, covert racism is like a quiet inferno. 
  • A four-year term for the presidential office was an excellent idea. 
  • You really can learn a musical instrument online. 
  • There are still prophets among us and they often look like everyday people. 
  • You can peak in your late 70s and 80s and still be thriving in your 90s. 
  • It’s not just children who are resilient, pretty much all beings are capable of adapting. 
  • Wearing a mask is a small act of respect that spreads compassion instead of germs. 
  • Be careful not to suffer over your suffering; one time through is enough. 
  • If you’re open minded you get to enjoy a lot more variety in life. 
  • Buy yourself flowers as a reminder that your joy matters. 
  • Know where your “No.” lies in case you need it. 
  • People outside of your home only share what they want you to see and it’s often just the prettiest smidge of their world. 
  • The truth really does set you free and once you’ve said it you’ve done your part. 
  • Focusing on what you can do helps ease the sting of what you cannot. 
  • Zoom holidays have their upside. 
  • Just because something doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it’s not real. 
  • Radical acceptance is a key step toward a better life. 
  • The shadow side of persistence is self-absorption. 
  • People who work for Apple Support are amazing. 
  • It doesn’t matter how big or fancy the offering is, just make it. 
  • A promise can be a false sense of security. 
  • If you don’t speak to the contrary, people assume you agree with them. 
  • If you’re lucky, your neighborhood can feel like extended family. 
  • I trust the global health community more than I don’t. 
  • I finally know what a swim heat is. 
  • Oregon is a beautiful state. 
  • The Redwoods of Northern California are alive and majestic, having been present to the earth for centuries (up to 2000 years!). 
  • Daily prayer and meditation is great for regulating emotions. 
  • Authentic living ironically requires true vulnerability wherein you could be harmed… and it’s worth it. 

So there you have it. It isn’t an exhaustive list but it is what comes to mind as I gratefully conclude another trip around the sun. 

What might you discover when you take time to review your own voyage? 

May you be inspired!

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