The Soul Informs

During my grade school years I realized I was a songwriter.  Melodies and lyrics came to me with ease and enjoyment.  I scribbled them down on any paper available and tucked them away for a future time when my confidence would catch up with my creativity.  Finally, I figured out how I could collaborate with musicians to help me voice what I was hearing and thus made my first professional recording of original music, a demo.  My first full-length album was then released in 2001, followed by another three albums, an EP, and a compilation featuring a bonus track.  Now, after a long break from recording, I’m working on what will be my fifth full-length album.  The project is moving at a very relaxed pace and I trust it will come together in its own time. 

This topic came up the other day and my husband, who has always been a fan of my music, asked “So why are you making another album?”  It was a fair question given that much of my music work has been shelved while raising our daughters and developing other areas of my vocation.  To some it might seem like a chapter behind me and, quite frankly, I’m not sure what aspects of touring and performing I'll resume in the future.  Still, without thinking but with certainty, I replied, “My soul told me to.”  I was grateful to be reminded of this succinct and simple truth myself.  I don’t know much more than I’ve been prompted to create it, without attachment to a timeline or what follows. 

When the soul informs us we need not question or worry.  Instead we can stand solid knowing we are supported and, with that, all we need to do is respond. 

May you be inspired!

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