The Fertile Ground of Brokenness

I don’t like being hurt or feeling lost.  I don’t like the agony of knowing that my path is leading to something painful.  I don’t like the burden of dying to self so that some hoped-for greater good can live.  But I’ve been there, in all these spaces.  I’ve come to know that it is in this territory — of being cracked open by heartache — that the soul can break through with a calling I would not have heard otherwise. 

Over time I’ve learned to trust the internal prompting that arrives through the death of a dream.  It’s as if a message can finally get through that was otherwise blocked.  When I receive such an “inner ping,” I become clear about what I am to do next or, at a minimum, in which way to start moving.  Yet the ego loves putting up resistance to what the soul knows.  So I take one small step at a time in the direction of the invitation.  Then I pause and let it be confirmed before taking another step.  This can take a while but eventually the movement forward is evident, and it makes me come alive again.  Here I experience the healing of rebirth and the transformation of new life — resurrection moments to be sure. 

The fertile ground of brokenness is a mysterious gift of regeneration laden with blessings that could not arrive another way.  How might you embrace these kinds of experiences in your life? 

May you be inspired!     

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