Precious Energy

Often I am challenged by my desire to do more in a day or week than what I can reasonably accomplish.  This has led me to wonder why the mind tends to want more than the schedule can hold or the body can manage. 

Part of it seems to be a mark of evolution, wherein the wanting keeps our momentum moving forward toward further expansion over time.  For example, when I end the day with joyful anticipation of the next one to come, that feels like creation unfolding. 

Yet part of the desire for more also seems like a byproduct of a culture that has forgotten how to be present and satisfied. We can get sucked in by the demands to do more, at the expense of doing things well and with intention. And just because we can do something (whatever that is), doesn’t necessarily mean we should. 

Instead let us order our days by discerning realistic expectations, gaining insight into where the precious energy of our lives ought to be spent.  If we make adjustments to that end, placing quality and mindfulness at the center, we might end more days in peace. 

May you be inspired!

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