Masks and Mirrors

We all have a Persona, which is the role we play in society.   The word Persona comes from Latin and means “mask.”  Our Personas are what we present to the outside world, and this presentation may or may not be congruent with who we are behind the mask.  For example, one may be so thoughtful and considerate toward a stranger at the grocery store, a neighbor across the street, or a member of their church, yet go home and rage at a family member, gossip about a relative, or lie to a loved one.  Others may not be as duplicitous, however, as they commit to building an awareness of their contradictory behaviors and intentionally practice being more consistent. 

Authentic relationships require us to take the mask off and be seen more fully — our wounds and imperfections, our hopes and dreams, our shortcomings and shadow sides.  And when we move into such a space with someone, whether by proximity or time, we are exposed.  There’s no way around it.  We end up mirroring to one another difficult and vulnerable pieces, the areas in our lives demanding growth. 

With the reflection we receive from another we can make a choice to do the inner work that is ours to do.  However, as a long-time friend of mine recently said, it is easer to cut out the mirror and flee the relationship than to face the pain of what needs healing.  But if two can hold a compassionate presence, being patient and forgiving with one another in this evolutionary process, then they will reach true intimacy — knowing and being known within a wide love that is strong enough to hold all the parts. 

May you be inspired!

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