Live Into the Answers

On a regular basis we human beings find ourselves at decision points of all sizes.  We wonder which way to go and if the stakes our high we might agonize over selecting a path forward.  Recently I heard a teaching from the spiritual author Eckhart Tolle, wherein he beautifully points out that, regardless of what choice we make, things will work out one way or another.  We are free to enjoy every blessing and free to accept the lessons learned from every challenge.  In that sense there is no right or wrong option. 

Our conflicting thoughts about what to do in response to a situation are nothing more than ego structures trying to be right in anticipation of what will happen if we make this decision or that one.  These thoughts can suggest a false sense of power, that somehow by worrying we take responsibility for the problem.  Yet when we observe the voices of fear and doubt as the mere thought formations that they are, we can resist the urge to indulge each one.  After all, it is that indulgence which allows us to take something painful and, rather than just let it be painful, add a layer of psychological suffering to it. 

As an alternative, we can be intentionally present to our innermost being, what I would call the soul.  This is the only part of us that is consistent and timeless, the only part that will not change while everything in the outer world surely will.  The soul is the space of awareness that realizes all we ever have is the present moment.  It is a part of us that holds a deeper knowing than the mind could ever produce. 

When we stay grounded in soul — in being and presence — we discover an inner wisdom that has no questions about what to do next.  On the contrary, it holds an extraordinary intelligence that leads us step by step.  In this way, we can peacefully live into the answers one experience at a time. 

May you be inspired!

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