Choosing A Perspective

The word perspective has a few meanings. One, pertaining to drawing, is to give an accurate impression and location of an item in relation to another, when viewed from a particular point. It also means to look through or closely at something, to see it more clearly. This word has to do with a sense of relationship, a frame of reference, and interpretation.


The way we see things in life is largely a result of what has formed us and of where we stand. I’ve been considering how my perspective can generate suffering or serenity, joy or unease. Like an artist with a canvas, I get to choose which thought I want to be front and center. Will it be the nightly news… or the beauty of our children’s lives unfolding? Will it be the person who treated me poorly… or on the many who love me well? Will it be all I haven’t gotten done on my list… or that which I did mange to take care of rather well today?


We can always reach for a more life-giving thought. It requires intentionality to make that shift in focus. Often it helps to have a trusted friend or mentor assist us to see around our limited viewpoints, to not take ourselves too seriously, and maybe even to have a good belly laugh instead. Let’s aim to refresh our eyes and consciously view the good before us. It’ll be worth it. May you be inspired!

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