Being Stuck

It seems part of the human journey includes points at which we get stuck or at least feel stuck. 

Maybe we’re mired down with heavy circumstances in our lives, or the world around us, and our energy is depleted. 

Or perhaps we feel an ache for some kind of improvement without knowing where to begin, doubtful meaningful change is possible. 

Maybe we’re grieving the lifespan of a loved one, or our own physical diminishment, or the evident and sorrowful limitations of a relationship. 

Or it’s possible we feel called to some purpose but the voice isn’t quite clear, the path forward is nondescript, leaving the dream itself painful to consider. 

And so we’re forced to wait for the rain to stop and the mud to dry, so we can get unstuck… so we can find solid ground upon which to climb once again. 

The invitation here may be to sit with the reality of what is, to surrender to being stuck for now, to give up our illusions of control.  And it just might be that the gift of being stuck is a time for contemplation.  There is likely an inquiry waiting to meet us, to offer some growth, some development. 

A mentor of mine from college would say, “When you don’t know which way to move, don’t move.”  In this case, when you’re stuck and can’t find a way to move, just rest.  Rest in the mud.  Accept this appointment your soul is trying to make with you. 

There is grace in the mud.  And the next step will be revealed in due season. 

May you be inspired!

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