Be Your Creator’s Creation

Many of us tend to get stuck on a hamster wheel of routines and responsibilities and forget the obligation we have to our Creator to be the creation intended in us.



Extending Peace to Patterns

...when I walk the labyrinth of challenging patterns in my life, I can begin a new, uplifting pattern of acceptance...

Time to Listen

In our physically limiting times, let us not miss the compelling invitations from that aspect of ourselves which is beyond the physical.

Yellow Wood ~ A Song

At any point, one can return to the decision spot to regroup, reboot, stand tall, and choose instead the road which beckons a deeper authenticity; the road less traveled.

The Graces Will Come

Instead I find God at work in the profound responses to our suffering. And like a compassionate midwife at a complicated labor, God shows up to help us birth some meaning from it all.

Nine Steps Toward a Creative Solution

...how creative can you be in resolving a challenging issue in your life?

The Benefits of Religious Literacy

...from a primary language we have a structure that can assist us in learning other languages. And as we do this, we build bridges into other ways of life that can deeply impact our own for the better.

Nothing But Love ~ A Song

...when we actively practice living from a place of intrinsic worthiness, of choosing to see our own preciousness, we begin to know (again) what it means to sincerely love ourselves.

Designed to Heal

Isn’t it fascinating and exhilarating to know there is an Intelligence at work, within us and around us, that consistently supports our well-being?!

The Seven Cs of Balance

I’ve found it helpful to at least have some kind of guide to reference when I feel things are getting out of whack. 

Cherishing Today

We can realize the limitations of a situation and, at the same time, give the light it’s rightful place before the sun fully sets.

Evaluating Values

If it is a value, it will hold some space on the calendar. 

Swim On ~ A Song

This love I have is too good to waste.

Looking at Leadership

Children often see authenticity so clearly that it is they who can remind us grown ups of the standards we ought to hold for ourselves and for those who influence us.


Judgements Unpacked

I’ve found that I can usually tell whether a judgement is actually useful or detrimental by looking at the content of the situation and getting really honest with myself.

Spirit Unfolding

The human capacity to create is a beautiful gift indeed and, I believe, enhances our connection to the Source of Life.


Calling Deep ~ A Song

...But even though I grieve, all that couldn’t be, somehow I trust you’re not far


Welcome, Summer!

Each season can serve as a beautiful metaphor for the many significant shifts we encounter over time…

Messiness Can Be Beautiful

...To embrace the beauty in the mess AND to realize that every choice I make eliminates other choices.

Choosing A Perspective

We can always reach for a more life-giving thought.

Like Bing ~ A Song

...Grant a wonderful life like Jimmy...

Make it a Good Apology

How often we fall short of even naming our bad behavior, let alone stepping up to the plate to address it with self-discipline, heartfelt remorse, honest words, and living amends.  What are we afraid of?


Meeting with Possibilities

I’ve realized... there is value in making time to meet with the very capabilities that challenge me.

God is Like a Good Mother

I had the honor of guest speaking at our church last Sunday, on Mother’s Day.  This post shares some excerpts from that reflection.  You can listen to the full talk on the TALK page.


Relationship Inventory

...evaluate with whom are you giving your precious time...

Feel the Sun ~ A Song

Working on a peace that lasts, Practicing in overcast...

Simplifying a Space

In what I’ve learned about various approaches to simplifying, three motivators have emerged.  Each one resonates with me for different reasons...

Metanoia ~ A Song

Set yourself free, to think differently...


Having a Spiritual Practice

I believe there is enlightenment and encouragement to be found in such spaces, in having a spiritual practice.


Ashes ~ A Song

Pull me to your purpose; I’m down on bended knee...

The Evolutionary Work of Commitment

...too often I see people walking away from what is simply an invitation to love more deeply...

The Power of a Story Shared

Stories matter.  It is why the motto representing my creative work is “Songs. Stories. Soul.”

Another Way to view The Cross

As Christians around the world enter Holy Week, I find myself considering the story of the crucifixion…again.

Spiritual Violence

In this article, Tammy interviewed Dr. Theresa Tobin of Marquette University on the subject of Spiritual Violence.

The Art of Spiritual Direction

In this article Tammy interviewed Spiritual Director Dawn Capilupo, OSF, on the subject of Spiritual Direction.

Reiki as a Spiritual Practice

In this article Tammy interviewed Reiki Master Eva Cribben about the subject of Reiki.

Journeying Through Grief

Tammy was asked to write this piece for a church publication, to share candidly with others her experience of loss and grieving - her thoughts and feelings as well as what she did to cope and move toward healing.

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